About Us

Mission Statement

Medway Oil & Propane is committed to providing the highest quality products, competitively priced, with service exceeding our customers’ expectations. We will
continue to invest in facilities, equipment, and highly trained technical personnel
providing added-value to our customer relationships.


Company History



Medway Oil & Propane was founded in 1954 as “Medway Coal & Grain” by Morris Mushnick. The company provided fuel oil, coal, grain, cement and trucking services to Medway and surrounding areas.


After a massive fire in 1965, Medway Coal & Grain as well as other local buildings were destroyed. Prior to rebuilding, Morris decided to focus his business on fuel oil and kerosene.


A new building was constructed, and Medway Coal & Grain became “Medway Oil Company, Inc.” and ownership was transferred to Morris’ sons Michael and Samuel.


Jeffrey S. Mushnick, son of Michael headed up new management and added propane gas delivery to the services they offered.


Coal was added back to the available fuels. Additionally, Jeffrey opened a gas grill store,
a first of its kind in the area, making propane an integral part of Medway Oil. Due to the tremendous home growth in the areas served by Medway Oil, they were also able to provide products and services to builders, some of which are still customers today!


Jeffrey Mushnick purchased Medway Oil, becoming the third-generation owner.
Jeffrey’s “hands on” management style, industry experience and personal touch have
kept the company growing, and ensures Medway Oil’s dominance in a highly competitive marketplace today. In an effort to provide complete home comfort, Jeffrey added equipment sales, installation and service for air conditioning, propane gas and pool heating.


Medway Oil acquired two local fuel companies to better serve their customers with an even further expanded fuel inventory.


Medway Oil celebrated its 55th year in business and continued to make strides to improve their personalized customer service. All internal operations were fully computerized to ensure quality and efficiency for all products and services.


Medway Oil acquired an appliance company which enabled them to offer complete appliance repair for both homes and businesses.


Medway Oil changed their name to Medway Oil & Propane to better represent the range of fuels they offered. They have also upgraded their database software to more accurately handle customer consumption, billing and correspondence. Their new website provides better navigation to find company, industry and safety information, as well as promotions running throughout the year.


As Medway Oil & Propane grows their propane gas end of the business, Dave Duquette, Lead Propane Technician is hired to work along-side Michael Watson, Service Manager, to ensure safe and efficient propane installations. Dave brings 36 years of propane industry experience, and is a true asset to the company.

An increased supply of fuel oil was made available through substantial tank upgrades to their Milford location. This enables Medway Oil & Propane to carry a fuel oil supply of over 150,000 gallons.

Medway Oil & Propane also expands their propane division with the installation of new
propane supply tanks.

They also added two state-of-the-art service vehicles to better supply parts and tools needed for on-demand service jobs.



MO&P are proud members of NEFI, NPGA, NORA, OESP, PGANE