Air Conditioning

There is nothing more delightful on a hot summer day than entering your home
to cool, clean air. We offer several options to keep your home cool during the warm
and hot weather months.

Central Air Conditioning

There are two kinds of central air conditioning depending on your needs and current
home set-up – a split-system or a package system. Either can be easily installed and
serviced by our trained technicians.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Another option for your home is ductless air conditioning. This can be used for homes that have no duct work available. Precisely controlled by remote control, ductless systems are a quiet and efficient alternative to window air conditioners.

Air Conditioning System Service

There is nothing worse than having your AC System breakdown during a hot summer day!

We’re available to help you get your AC up and running again, but don’t forget your annual tune-up — #1 preventative for breakdown. An air conditioning system can be one if your biggest home investments. Keeping your system tuned-up annually will increase the life of your unit and reduce your monthly electric bills!

For more information air conditioning installation or service call: 508-533-6561 or 800-649-5949

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