Coal is the largest domestically-produced energy source in the United States, and
is home to the greatest recoverable reserves in the world. Coal is used to generate
about half of our nation’s electricity and offers homeowners a great energy alternative
for home heating.

Coal is a relatively inexpensive fuel and has historically been much less volatile than
other energy options. Today’s coal is a much cleaner burning fuel than the coal of long
ago, and because coal is a powerful, dense fuel, it burns extremely efficiently and can produce more heat per ton than wood or pellets.

Coal burning stoves don’t have to be filled repeatedly. Once a fire is started, it will
typically burn for 12 hours without re-fueling. Coal can be safely stored and can be
drawn upon to create energy whenever needed.

Our coal is available pick up or delivery, shrink-wrapped and palletized for clean
and easy storage.

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