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Billing & Account Information

Fuel Delivery

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Billing & Account Information

Upon delivery, our driver will leave a 2-part delivery slip on which you will
find the detailed information. Simply return the one portion of the bill with
your payment in the envelope provided and retain the other portion for
your records.

The only time that you will receive a statement on your account is if your
account has a balance. Statements are mailed at the end of each month, and
payment is due within 10 days. You may elect to have your statement emailed
if you prefer.

Payment Options
Check, Cash, Credit/Debit card by phone
Automatic credit/debit withdraw (please call office to arrange)

Early Oil Payment Discount
If you are not currently enrolled in our Cap Pricing Program, and payment is made
within 10 days of delivery, you may deduct five cents per gallon from your amount due.

General Terms of Sale
Standard terms for payments are 10 days from the date of delivery or service.

Payment Programs

Budget Plan
Our budget plan is available for fuel oil customers and propane heat-only customers.
The budget plan is either a 10 or 12 month cycle, beginning in September. The Budget
Plan is based on your annual fuel consumption, and divided into 10 or 12 equal monthly payments.

Cap Pricing Program
Our cap pricing program is available to all of our oil customers, offering a capped oil
price for the upcoming heating season. This program provides peace of mind knowing
the maximum price that you will pay, but still provides the benefit of paying a lower
price should oil prices decrease. A cap pricing program fee does apply; please call office
for details.

Customer Referral Program

referral-personThe Medway Oil & Propane referral program is an opportunity for you to earn $50 for a qualified customer referral. All you have to do is contact us with the eligible referral’s name and address, and we’ll do the rest. Once the new customer enrolls in an automatic delivery full service program, we will apply a $50 credit to your account, or you can receive a local business area gift card as our appreciation.


Fuel Delivery Information


Automatic Delivery
Automatic delivery is our recommended choice for fuel delivery which provides you the peace of mind knowing we will deliver to you automatically according to your usage and heating degree days. This is the easiest way to ensure that you do not run out of fuel, and you do not need to monitor your own tank or call us for delivery. To request automatic delivery, please contact our office at 508-649-5949 or via email at

Heating Degree Days
Heating degree days are indications of how cold it is on any given day and how much
fuel you will require. The National Weather Service provides this information daily.
For automatic delivery customers, we keep track of the degree days to ensure we
deliver your fuel when you need it.

Will-Call Delivery
Will-Call delivery is fuel delivery that is available within 24 – 48 hours. Being a will-call customer means you will monitor your own tank. With will-call, you accept responsibility for monitoring your own tank and calling to schedule a delivery.

MO&P are proud members of NEFI, NPGA, NORA, OESP, PGANE