Fuel Oil to Propane Conversions

There is no better time to make the switch to Propane Heat!

Propane Benefits
Propane delivers everything expected of a fuel in the country’s most
demanding environment, New England. Propane is an ideal energy source
for homeowners, businesses, and industrial use.

Easy Installation
Home and water heating equipment can be easily installed. Direct venting
eliminates unnecessary construction, and requires less maintenance.

Efficient & Economical
Propane works hard, operates more efficiently, meeting the demands of lean
budgets at home as well as strict cost controls in business. Propane is the fuel
that delivers the performance needed at a price that makes budgetary sense.
For example, most oil boilers average 85% efficiency at best, while propane boilers
achieve 95% efficiency. And, replacing a standard electric furnace with an Energy Star-qualified propane furnace can increase energy efficiency by 15% or more.

Variety of Applications
Propane offers the widest versatility available of any liquid fuel and can be added
to draw from your main propane supply.

Environmentally Friendly
Propane emits less carbon dioxide than any other fuel. It is clean-burning, non-toxic,
and generates the lowest emissions of greenhouse gases. Propane is also safe enough
to be stored in both residential and commercial underground tanks.

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