Fuel Oil Applications

Emergency Generators

Nearly all American homes experience a power outage sometime during the year.
To some, these outages are considered a nuisance, yet for many they can cause
hardships or even health hazards. Emergency generators can eliminate power
interruption, food spoilage, loss of air conditioning or heat, inability to use medical
or electrical devices or security system loss.

Temporary Heat

When you’re working with a deadline, you can’t afford to wait on the weather.
Whether you’re building new homes or a large commercial facility, we can provide
your project with temporary construction heat service with storage tanks and delivery
fuel oil to your job site whenever needed.

Building with Fuel Oil

Whether you’re creating a new development, building someone’s dream home or
working on a remodeling project, fuel oil offers many advantages worth serious consideration. These advantages add value to homes and make them easier and
more profitable to sell.

Today’s fuel oil is safe, dependable, highly efficient and cleaner than ever.
Recent technological innovations in the industry have made today’s fuel oil one
of the best choices for consumers interested in value and comfort.

Fuel oil can do much more than just provide efficient heating. Today’s fuel
oil systems also supply, water heating, and pool heating. You can expect to
get the most from your fuel oil comfort system.

For additional information about fuel oil applications or questions regarding
fuel oil heat or delivery, call 508-533-6561 or 800-649-5949.

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