Fuel Oil

Today’s fuel oil is safe, dependable, highly efficient and cleaner than ever!
Recent technological innovations in the fuel oil industry have made today’s
fuel oil one of the best choices for consumers interested in value and comfort.

Fuel oil can provide much more efficient heating. New fuel oil home comfort
systemsalso supply, hot water, pool heating, and emergency generator use.
Today, you canexpect to get the most from your fuel oil home comfort system.

Most fuel oil is produced and refined here in the United States. Domestic and
friendly petroleum reserves will be available well into the next century. The total
known reserves in the world are actually increasing rather than declining, due to
improved exploration and extraction technologies. Oil is stored locally, so there is
always a reserve. Your homes full tank of oil represents another measure of security.

Fuel oil is one of the safest fuels ever developed. It is non-toxic and non-explosive.
Oil will not burn in a liquid state; if you were to drop a match in oil, it would extinguish
as if it were dropped in water.

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