Maximize House Fan Use

How do you get the most from your house fans?

Nearly 20% of average American household’s energy expenses go toward their air conditioning bill. A cost-effective aid, even if you have air conditioning is using fans.

Tips and tricks to get the most from your fans—and energy use.

  • Ceiling fans are most effective when installed seven to nine feet above
    the floor and 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling. Switching a ceiling fan to
    turn counter-clockwise and push air toward the ceiling will help draw
    cool air up towards the ceiling and move it throughout a room. A larger
    fan withlong blades moves more air (about 44″ or 52″).


  • Exhaust fans (most commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms) can provide significant cooling benefits. They can move hot—particularly very warm moist air—out of rooms, decreasing the overall presence of warm air in the house.


  • Whole house fans are powerful units that pull air in from open windows and
    push it through a home’s duct system into the rest of the house.


  • Portable fans offer the least options for cooling a house. One way to increase
    their effectiveness is to drape a wet ice-cold towel over them so that they’re blowing particularly cold air into a room.


  • Window fans are the most cost-effective fans —only about $15 at most stores
    and can be used in various ways to maximize their cooling potential.


  • Install a window fan on a cool side of the house which will increase the
    likelihood the air is blowing into the house to be cool.


  •  Use a window fan to push hot air out. This is only effective when the air
    outside is cooler than inside. Instead of pointing the fan into a room, point
    it outside. This works best at night.


  • Use two window fans to move cool air through an entire house. Opening
    windows and doors in a home—particularly on opposite sides of the house—
    can create ventilation to quickly and effectively cool a house. Point one fan into the house so it’s blowing cool air into the home, and point the other fan out of the house. This balance of airflow maximizes air movement throughout the house.
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