HVAC System Tune-ups

Why is annual maintenance so important?

  • Top efficiency from system
  • No or limited breakdowns
  • Prolonging system lifespan

Our HVAC systems are easy to forget about it. But imagine doing the same with
your car. It’s just like an oil change for your car. And, no matter how expensive
your system, it still needs proper annual maintenance.

What are the benefits?

  • Lower energy bills: You might think your equipment is running fine, but be
    sure to check your energy bills. A neglected system slowly loses its ability to
    operate at the same efficiency level it once did.
  • Fewer repairs: Do you hear strange sounds or notice an odd odor coming from your furnace? Call for a tune-up right away! Problems can be addressed before they become disastrous.
  • Safer equipment operation: An HVAC system that’s not working properly does more than cost money to repair; it can endanger your family. If the furnace develops a crack in the heat exchange, carbon monoxide can escape and poison the air. An electric system can develop a short circuit, which is a serious fire hazard if ignored.
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