Insect Control

Don’t let annoying insects distract you from enjoying your outdoor living areas.
Propane-fueled Skeeter Vac units are an affordable solution designed to diminish
insect population within 30 days.

A unique time-release Finetune® lure at the top of the unit
emits a scent that when combined with CO2 provides the
attraction for insects. Once the insects are attracted to the
Skeeter Vac, they are captured on the sticky trap or drawn
into an enclosure by a powerful vacuum fan. Once trapped,
they quickly dehydrate and die.

A Skeeter Vac System can also help protect your family against
West Nile and other viruses carried by mosquitos.

Medway Oil & Propane also offers a Skeeter Vac Total Comfort Program that includes
setup in March, breakdown in October, and propane gas supply and maintenance needed
throughout the season.

For additional information about Skeeter Vac insect control, please call 508-533-6561
or 800-649-5949.


MO&P are proud members of NEFI, NPGA, NORA, OESP, PGANE