Oil Tank Protection

Oil leaks are VERY costly to a homeowner. Many homeowners are not aware of the age of their oil tank or whether the tank is out of warranty protection. Along with your annual system tune-up, be sure to have your oil tank inspected for rust or corrosion and fuel lines checked to ensure they meet law requirements.

Homeowners insurance does not cover oil tank leaks from normal aging, and although it is mandatory for this coverage to be made available, it is an optional purchase.

Oil tank replacement can run well over $2,000. An oil leak or spill clean up can run many thousands of dollars, contaminate soil and effect drinking water.

Protection and Warranty Service

TANK-GUARD® is a corrosion protection and warranty service for above ground oil tanks. The service is proactive in two ways:

1.  Your tank will be treated once a year (during a regular oil delivery) with TANK GUARD® liquid corrosion inhibitor, to reduce corrosion damage inside your oil tank.

2.  If you have a tank leak which is covered by the TANK-GUARD® warranty, you will be eligible for a cash reimbursement toward a replacement tank, or a free tank replacement installation.

For additional information or to sign-up for the TANK-GUARD® please call our office at 508-533-6561 or 800-649-5949.

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