Propane Gas

Millions of Americans use propane for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and transportation needs. This versatile fuel is used in an array of applications including home
heating, hot water, clothes drying, cooking, fireplace, hearth products, and generators.
For outdoor living spaces, propane provides patio heating and lighting, pool heating, insect
control, grilling, and hearth products.

On farms, propane-fueled equipment and technologies are being used to control pests,
dry crops, and power irrigation pumps. Industrial uses include propane-driven forklifts and
fleet vehicles, and has become the desired choice for public transportation, law enforcement
vehicles, and even personal vehicles producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline
or diesel options.

Propane is sometimes referred to as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LP-gas or LPG. It is produced
from both natural gas processing and crude-oil refining. Nearly 97% of propane used in the
United States is produced in North America.

Propane gas is an exceptionally safe fuel and is monitored by stringent industry codes and regulations. It emits less carbon dioxide than any other liquid fuel, is clean-burning, non-toxic
and generates the lowest emissions of greenhouse gases.

Propane tanks can be stored above or below ground. They are environmentally-friendly, require
little maintenance and can have up to a 40 year life span.

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