Vacation Energy Savings

Saving on energy costs while you’re away!


  • Plug electronics into an power strip and then shut it off.
    This will help prevent electronics from draining unneeded power.
    For smaller electronic items like a coffee maker, make sure to
    unplug them.


  • Turn your water heater to vacation mode if it has one, or set it to the
    lowest temperature while you’re away (at least 50 degrees to avoid
    frozen pipes if winter time).


  • Double check that all the lights are turned off before you leave your
    house – having just one light on can cost quite a bit of money.


  • Consider using light timers to give the appearance that home.


  • Check that all windows are closed and locked to provide an extra close seal.


  • Keep window shades and curtains drawn to help keep the house cool from
    the afternoon sun.


  • If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to a lower temperature for
    the duration of your trip, and back to normal one day before you arrive home.
    (If winter time, the thermostat should be set to around 65 degrees in to keep
    pipes from freezing.)
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