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Posted: April 8, 2024

Do Heating Oil Tanks Need to Be Inspected?

The signs you should be on the lookout for

heating oil tank Fayville, MA We often take the fact that the electronics, appliances and machinery that we use on a daily basis work and function properly for granted. We expect our TVs to turn on when we press the power button. We expect our cars to drive when we need to get from point A to point B. And we expect our heating oil tanks to provide heat when the weather calls for it.

But that doesn’t mean that most of these items, especially our heating oil tanks, shouldn’t be inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

Inspecting your heating oil tank

It is strongly encouraged that homeowners with their own heating oil tanks inspect these tanks (whether they are aboveground or located in a basement) on a routine and regular basis. This regular inspection will hopefully help you avoid a heating oil tank failure to the point where your heating system no longer works at all.

When you inspect your heating oil tank you should look for the following signs:

If you notice any of the above things happening to your heating oil tank, you should get in touch with your heating oil professional. Medway Oil & Propane can come take a thorough look and help you with a heating oil tank replacement.

All of the above signs could indicate that your heating oil tank has corrosion and that can put you at risk for heating oil tank failure. However, there are certain things that homeowners can do to slow corrosion down and put it off.

The top recommendation for this is to keep your heating oil tank full. This is even more important to do once the warmer weather hits. It is easy for condensation to form on and settle into the inside of an empty heating oil tank. Once this condensation finds its way in, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other living organisms, which can eventually lead to both sediment and corrosion.

This is part of the reason why spring is the ideal time to arrange a heating oil delivery with your heating oil provider. And Medway Oil & Propane can help with this!

Heating oil tank replacements

With the proper inspections and routine professional maintenance and servicing your heating oil tank can last about 15 to 20 years. Sometimes they even last closer to 30 years! But, just like most things, the time will come for your heating oil tank to be replaced. When that time does arrive, the team at Medway Oil & Propane can help you upgrade your home’s oil tank.

Our service technicians can safely remove your old tank and then install a new tank. We sell top-quality Roth heating oil tanks that are actually designed to prevent corrosion and protect homeowners from both leaks and tank failure.

Heating oil tank services from Medway Oil & Propane

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable company for all heating oil tank services in the Eastern Massachusetts region, turn to Medway Oil & Propane. From heating oil delivery to tank removals and installations, our team can handle it all.

Contact Medway Oil & Propane today and let us know how we can help with your heating oil or heating tank needs.