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Posted: July 8, 2024

What Happens If You Run Out Of Heating Oil?

Staying on top of your heating oil supply

heating oil Plainville, MA There are countless items that we consider important all throughout our Eastern Massachusetts homes. For some, the important items are memorabilia such as photos, ticket stubs and scrapbooks. For others it’s jewelry. And, depending on your home heating system, many people consider heating oil an important item.

Home heating oil systems

Over the past few years heating oil tanks have gotten some updates, such as double walls and anti-corrosion treatments. These upgrades have made heating oil tanks more reliable and secure. However, in order for a heating oil tank to be truly reliable it must be filled with a sufficient supply of fuel at all times.

If your home’s heating system uses heating oil, running out of the fuel puts you, your family and your friends at risk. You will simply not be able to stay warm, comfortable and safe on a cold winter day once you run out of heating oil.

How to prevent a heating oil run out

You have to have a sense of how much heating oil you are going to use on an annual basis to help ensure that you have enough fuel on hand at any given time.

Typically, a 2,500 square foot house in the northeast will use about 880 gallons of heating oil a year. However, this is just an estimate. Heating oil usage varies from household to household and can change from one year to the next depending on the weather.

When you are trying to get a sense of how much heating oil your specific household is going to use you can do one of two things:

  1. Pull up your past heating oil orders and heating bills
  2. Ask a neighbor whose house is a similar size how much heating oil they usually go through a year

These tips will give you a good understanding of your heating oil usage. Just remember, the amount of heating oil you use one year can be pretty different from the amount of heating oil you use the next year.

There are also multiple factors that influence how much heating oil a home uses in general:

How Medway Oil & Propane can help prevent a heating oil run out

If you don’t want to have to worry about running out of heating oil Medway Oil & Propane can do the worrying for you with our Automatic Delivery service. This service allows us to determine when you will need a fuel delivery based on your heating oil usage history and the weather. And it’s free!

Don’t want to take part in automatic deliveries? We can still get you the heating oil you need with our reliable heating oil deliveries.

Medway Oil & Propane can help you prevent a heating oil run out. Contact us today to learn more about all our heating oil services.