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Posted: March 23, 2023

Propane: Better for Your Home and the Planet

Learn how propane offers better environmental friendliness than electricity

Propane: Better for Your Home and the Planet

Here in Eastern Massachusetts, and across other states, there are campaigns devoted to getting people to convert their homes over to all-electric appliances for heating, water heating, cooking and more.

A widespread misunderstanding that electricity is more eco-friendly has encouraged the conversion of energy sources. In reality, propane remains a much greener solution than electricity!

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Environmental benefits of propane in the home

Comparatively speaking, propane produces significantly fewer greenhouse gases when generating the same amount of energy as electric power. About 60% of electricity production in the United States is from coal-fired or natural gas-fired power stations. In fact, electricity generation through these two fuels is the second greatest source of greenhouse gases in the United States, behind only transportation. Burning coal emits hazardous pollutants that worsen smog and air quality in general, and trigger acid rain.

Propane outshines electricity in terms of efficiency, as it requires less energy for the entire process (extraction, production, processing, and transportation to its destination). Propane is 87% efficient, while electricity is a meager 32% efficient.

Propane appliances like tankless water heaters generate a much smaller environmental impact than electric versions due to their greater energy efficiency.

A greener future includes propane

As homebuilding flourishes, the need for propane as a domestic energy source continues to grow. This trend is expected to continue.

Homebuilders and homeowners alike are increasingly drawn to the advantages of propane-powered homes. With its greater energy efficiency and amenities like gas cooking and cozy fireplaces, propane is becoming a more popular option than electricity. Homeowners are replacing their electric heating systems with propane ones in order to benefit from improved comfort levels as well as reduced energy costs.

By 2025, the United States’ demand for propane will be up to 10 billion gallons a year. Fortunately, the propane industry is able to meet this need while also providing us with a dependable energy supply that does not rely on foreign imports or a sketchy utility infrastructure.

The propane industry is devoted not only to fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for propane, but also on making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly, while harnessing its power in our fight against climate change.

Renewable energy is revolutionizing the future of fuel and our planet, allowing us to dramatically decrease our dependence on oil or natural gas drilling.

Renewable propane takes environmental friendliness to the next level. In Europe and America, scientists are researching ways to create renewable propane through biomass, animal fat, vegetable oils and other triglycerides. This endeavor demonstrates our commitment to living more sustainably now and in the future.

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