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Furnace Installation and Service in Millis, Dedham and North Attleborough, MA and nearby communities

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Furnaces became very popular in recent decades as central air conditioning in homes became more sought after. Because furnaces use forced air to heat your home, it is easy to combine them with central air conditioning. They are also easy to install, maintain and repair.

Whenever you need furnace services, you can trust Medway Oil & Propane! Our team of skilled service technicians are CETP-trained and certified.

We’ll help you find a furnace in your budget that can meet your home’s heating needs. We’ll then expertly install it.

Furnace repair and maintenance

Medway Oil & Propane is here to help keep your furnace running properly with our maintenance and repair services.

An annual professional tune-up is essential for your furnace, as it helps to keep the equipment running at its best possible efficiency, which in turn helps keep your heating costs down. Also, our service technicians perform a thorough inspection of your furnace during the tune-up. This gives us the opportunity to discover problems that, if left unattended, would get worse and lead to breakdowns. By fixing them during the tune-up, you can avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

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Every one of our affordable service plans comes with an annual tune-up included, along with discounts on parts-and-labor costs for repairs—that can help shield you from large repair bills.

If your furnace does break down, Medway Oil & Propane gives our customers round-the-clock no-heat emergency service. Call us at 508-296-4678 any time, and we’ll be there for you.

All about furnaces

Did you know that a furnace is one of the oldest whole-house heating systems still in use? A furnace heats your home by creating and circulating warm air. In the past, furnaces were powered by wood or coal. Today, they are fueled by heating oil, propane, natural gas or electricity.

You can turn on your furnace manually, or you can set it up with a programmable thermostat or a smart home device that will automatically turn the furnace on when the temperature in your house falls below what you set on the thermostat.

Fuel is burned in the burner, and then that heat is transferred to air entering through vents via the heat exchanger. Afterward, a blower fan disperses the heated air across your household through your ductwork.

For dependable furnace service in Eastern Massachusetts, you can’t beat Medway Oil & Propane! Get a FREE quote from us.

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