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Residential Propane Services

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You have likely noticed that more and more of your neighbors here in the Medway area are using propane in their homes. That’s because they learned about all the benefits that clean-burning, energy-efficient propane provides!

When your neighbors seek fast, dependable and safe propane delivery, they count on Medway Oil & Propane to provide them with all the benefits. We have been serving our local community since 1954 as the premier provider of fuel services, setting a high standard for excellent customer service and reliability.

We’ve preserved our sterling reputation for responsive and personal service while using the latest technology to ensure that our customers always have the propane needed to keep their home warm, safe and comfortable.

Our propane services

Propane delivery. With our very popular Automatic Delivery option, you never have to worry about your propane supply. We use the latest software along with a long-standing calculation to accurately predict when you’ll need your propane tank filled. We make the delivery, and you don’t have to do a thing!

Propane tank installation and monitoring. Our experts provide installation of both aboveground and underground tanks. We offer affordable propane tank leasing that takes the worry and expense of maintenance and repairs off your plate. And, with our wireless propane tank monitoring, you get the ultimate in security when it comes to your propane supply.

Pricing and payment options. With Medway Oil & Propane, you can manage your costs your way! That’s because we offer options like our Budget Plan, AutoPay, PreBuy and Price Cap.

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Benefits of propane

Boasting unmatched energy efficiency, propane is a versatile fuel that delivers unbeatable results. Here are just some of the ways propane can enhance the quality of life in your home:

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