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Propane Delivery in Medway, Wrentham and Southborough, MA and beyond

You can’t beat Medway Oil & Propane for reliability!

propane delivery

If you have just moved into a home that uses propane or have become dissatisfied with your current propane provider, you’re in need of a propane delivery company you can count on.

For so many of your neighbors here in Eastern Massachusetts, that company is Medway Oil & Propane! We’re a third-generation family business that has been serving Medway and nearby towns since 1954.

While our products and services have expanded since our founding, our core values remain firm. We make it easy to do business with us, because every day, we are committed to giving our customers reliable, responsive and personal service that cannot be equaled by any of the big, national propane companies.

You can be assured of safe, dependable propane delivery by our team of Certified Employee Training Program (CETP)-certified delivery drivers.

Automatic Delivery: Simple and easy!

Our Automatic Delivery option is a favorite of our customers, and it’s not difficult to understand why. With no effort required on your part and absolutely no worries involved whatsoever, you’ll get the propane you need when you need it! To plan your propane delivery, our state-of-the-art software uses your past usage, current weather conditions, and future temperature forecasts to make sure that your supply arrives before you run low. Best of all? This convenience and assurance are absolutely FREE!

Do you still wish to use our Will-Call option for propane purchases? Keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to regularly monitor how much propane is in your tank. We strongly urge our customers not to let their propane tank gauge levels dip below 30% full before requesting a delivery.

If you are close to running out of propane or, worse, have run out, Medway Oil & Propane offers round-the-clock emergency propane delivery to our customers. Whenever you call us, any time of day or night, one of our friendly local employees will answer the phone and be happy to help.

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Guarantee your propane supply with tank monitoring

As an Automatic Delivery customer, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that Medway Oil & Propane is tracking your propane usage history and the weather forecast, enabling us to precisely arrange your regular propane deliveries.

However, if your propane requirements have altered significantly due to recent life changes (you’ve installed additional appliances, you’re now working from home more often or full time, or adult children or elderly parents have moved in with you), then some extra security might be desired.

To keep an accurate check of your propane tank level, Medway Oil & Propane offers wireless propane tank monitoring! This system uses both wireless and cellular technology to provide real-time data on how much propane remains in the tank. Knowing exactly when you need another refill is convenient and saves a lot of time by eliminating guesswork.

With this advanced technology, we can always tell the exact amount of propane you have left and when it’s time for a delivery. We schedule it promptly so that you never need to worry about running low on propane.

Get propane in your home!

Are you looking to convert to propane in your home? Medway Oil & Propane can help, as we offer complete, comprehensive propane services. Medway Oil & Propane now offers financing. Please call the office at 508-296-4678 for more information.

In addition to propane delivery and wireless tank monitoring, we also install and lease propane tanks, so it’s easy to switch to us if you are looking to add propane to your home or change propane delivery companies.

We also sell and install a wide range of propane appliances, including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, outdoor-living appliances and more!

From North Easton to South Grafton and all around our Eastern Massachusetts service area, Medway Oil & Propane is the company you can trust for your home’s heating oil delivery. Become a customer today!

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