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Propane: Efficiency, comfort and environmental friendliness

Propane is an amazingly versatile energy source that provides benefits in many ways all around your home.

Energy efficiency that saves you money. Propane home heating systems are now incredibly efficient, with average rates of more than 90%, and some even reaching a staggering 98%. This means that only 10% or less of the propane being used is lost during combustion. Propane water heaters provide a great value for your money. In the same amount of time, you will get more than twice as much hot water as you would with an electric water heater, and that can cut your energy costs dramatically. Propane-powered appliances are incredibly cost-efficient, as their operating costs are between 40% and 60% less than comparable electric models.

Comfort and convenience all around your home. Home heating and water heating are just the beginning of how propane can make your home better. A propane clothes dryer makes doing the laundry easier by getting your clothes and linens dry 25% faster than an electric dryer, while causing less wear and fewer wrinkles. Enjoy precise temperature control when you cook on a propane range. Relax in front of a comfy fire with the push of a button when you have a propane fireplace. A propane space heater allows you to use unheated spaces like garages, workshops, sheds and sunporches all year round.

Make your backyard a destination with propane. When you think of using propane in your backyard, you likely think of grilling. Yes, grilling with propane is fast and easy, and you get great results, but that’s just the beginning of the ways propane can be used outdoors! Propane deck and patio heaters let you dine outside even if there’s a nip in the air. A propane firepit gives you a great place to relax and unwind. A propane insect trap mimics human breath to lure mosquitoes into the trap and keeps them there.

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